As one of its three pillars, the IPS supports and promotes excellence and innovation in the education and training of psychology from the local education institute of IPS or through the internet. It does this through:
  • supporting and promoting education and training in psychology throughout all stages of university study
  • identifying issues impacting teachers and students of psychology and advocating for solutions
  • post-degree and post-licensure continuing education needs of researchers and practitioners in psychology
  • development of accreditation standards and guidelines for training in psychology, particularly procedures for doctoral and internship programmes in professional psychology
  • pre- and post-graduate skills and competencies that will equip psychologists to carry out their roles as evidence-informed scientists, educators, and/or practitioners
  • recognition of the contributions of teachers, trainers, and students of psychology
  • liaising with the Chairs of Departments of Psychology in Canada
  • education of the public and other stakeholders on psychological topic