About the Section for Students

Date:2019-05-12  Source:未知

Our Mission

The principal objective of the Student Section is to help students participate within the IPS. The Section provides a forum in which students can learn from each other, more fully experience their postsecondary and postgraduate journeys, and begin to prepare for their careers in psychology. It recognizes the need to have a strong voice in the psychological community and thus sustains communication between students in psychology across the country.

Section Chair:

Chelsea Moran
Ph.D. Student, Clinical Psychology
University of Calgary
Students and the Section for Students are an important part of IPS. The student area of the website offers information on a number of topics. It is intended to help make the choices students need to make less confusing and to provide an avenue to enable students to give support to other students through articles and information. If you have suggestions to improve this area of the website, please send us your feedback.
Become a Student Affiliate of the IPS and then join the Student Section.

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