Dr.Youhua Cheng


Chen Youhua, male, born in July 1962 1980, has been studying in the Department of Mathematics of East China Normal University, the Department of Mathematics of Beijing Normal University and the Department of Social Sciences and philosophy of Fort of Marburg, Germany, respectively, and has received a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Ph. D. degrees, and is now vice Dean, Professor/doctoral tutor of the School of sociology and the life-time member of International Psychologists Society(IPS) .Mainly engaged in sociology, demography, social work, public welfare and charity teaching and research work. Has presided over the National Social Science Fund major projects one, key projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of the State Project, the Ministry of Education Humanities and social Sciences key research base of two major projects, provincial and ministerial and horizontal topics nearly hundred, published a number of monographs, published more than 220 academic papers. Won the provincial and ministerial outstanding achievements one to the third prize 11 times, 2007 won the "National Outstanding Young Population Scholar Award" title.

Research Achievements
(I) Main monographs
1, Chen Youhua: "China and the European Union marriage market perspective", Nanjing University Press, February 2004.
2, Chen Youhua, Du Jun Fei: "China famous village investigation report", Shanghai Literature and Art Press, 2007 years.
3, Chen Youhua: China's population and development: Issues and reflections, China Social Science Press, 2012 years. 327 pp.
4, Chen Youhua, Fangchangchun: "to evil?" Force for good China Public Welfare Watch 2013, China Social Science Press, 2014 years.
5, Chen Youhua, Lu Cheng: "Hong Kong real Estate myth", China Development Press, 2014 years.
(Ii) major academic papers
1, Chen Youhua: The basic situation and analysis of Chinese women's first marriage, the age change of primary education, China Population Science, the 5th issue of 1991. P39-45,12
2, Chen Youhua: Chinese women do not have the cause of contraception analysis, China Population Science, 1992 the 2nd issue. P61-64,40
3, Shen, Chen Youhua: determination factors and approximate estimation of child progressive ratio, China population Science, 1992, 5th. P22-27
4, Chen Youhua: A class of experimental data statistical processing, the application of Mathematical Statistics, 1993 issue 1th.
5, Chen Youhua: the establishment of the child progressive ratio mathematical model and the construction of the fertility table, China Population Science, 1993 the 3rd issue. P58-63
6, Chen Youhua, Shen: The change trend and fertility policy analysis of the child progressive ratio of Chinese women, Population and Economy, 1993 issue 2nd.
7, Chen Youhua, Shen: 80 study on the average age of marriage of the sexes in the middle of the country, the population of the south, the 4th issue in 1993
8, Chen Youhua: The status and role of family planning work in the process of declining fertility in Chinese women, Jiangsu Social Sciences, 1994 2nd.
9, Chen Youhua: Theoretical thinking on the standard of population Aging, Journal of Population, 4th issue, 1994. P34-43。 The full text of the NPC copy information "Population and family planning" is reproduced.
10, Chen Youhua: children-age-type progressive population development model, China Population Science, 1994 issue 6th. P29-34
11, Chen Youhua: Life table and its application in the analysis of the gender composition of the population, population and Economy, 1995 issue 2nd. National People's Congress copy information "Population and family planning" full text reprint.
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19, Ma Yi Tong, Feng Litian, Chen Youhua: the establishment of a new concept of sex ratio at birth and the construction of Ma Funchen (MFC) mathematical model, population and economy, 1997 5th. P3-12,51。 The full text of the NPC copy information "Population and family planning" is reproduced.
20, Chen Youhua: population age structure index structure and its application in China, southern population, 1998 the 1th issue. P23-25
21, Chen Youhua: The construction and application of the new Life Quality Index, population Journal, 1998 issue 2nd. P16-18,22。 National People's Congress copy information "Population and family planning" full text reprint.
22. Chen Youhua: Theoretical discussion on several issues of population modernization, population research, 6th of 1998. P14-18
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32, Chen Youhua, Miller × Ulrich: Research and prospect of marriage extrusion in China, population Research, 2002 issue 3rd. P56-63
33, Chen Youhua: population aging and Urban Community Elderly Service Network construction, Journal of Nanjing University, 2002 issue 5th. P28-34。 It was reproduced in the 2nd issue of the Sociological Digest card in 2003.
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