Dr.Yijun Zhang

Zhang Yiyun , female, psychologist , EQ Education Specialist [1] 
Ph. Georgia in psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology , USA
Since 1996, he has been studying EQ and has been an associate professor at the Institute, teaching for 11 years.
The university took the first volunteer into the Department of Psychology and earning the United States, where he received a doctorate in psychology from the Georgia Institute of technology . To "easy to say the truth, clear approach" unique style, widely welcomed by the public, to help you improve psychological quality , in the workplace , love, marriage, family, parent-child education easy to walk through.
In recent years, Dr. Zhang Yiyun has focused on emotional intelligence education for young children and adolescents [2] 
"Kaka toddler Emotional Intelligence" 2-6-year-old child EQ Age education system founder [2] 
"Kaka Parent EQ Toys" series of general Planning
Founder of "EQ Baby" Brand
Founder of "EQ Coach Parent Classroom"
Founder of "Dr. Zhang Teen eq summer Camp"
Founder of "Teen EQ Magic Classroom" [2]
Experience in recent years
In recent years, Dr. Zhang has focused on emotional business education for young children and adolescents:
EQ classes for children aged 7-15:
Founded in 2007, "Dr. Zhang Youth Eq summer Camp", to 2016 has opened 25 issues, a total of more than 3,000 home participation, access to social excellent reputation and influence.
2013, founded the "Youth EQ Magic Classroom-Classroom edition." In the same year, the National First child EQ Education program "EQ Magic Classroom" was recorded to teach children to learn 26 EQ skills easily [3]  !
In 2014, he was invited to enter the public primary and secondary schools in Putuo district of Shanghai to do campus EQ classes, and the distinctive style of classes was widely welcomed by the students. [4] 
2-6 year old child Emotional intelligence training system:
Since 2010, Dr. Zhang led a professional R & amp; d team R & amp; d for many years, established the "Early childhood EQ Age Development Indicators" scientific system, the creation of the "EQ Baby" brand. 2016 launched the "Kaka toddler Love grower" family EQ Education Books and parent-child game product package.
"Kaka toddler Emotional Intelligence" is Dr. Zhang, led a team of psychological experts after years of research, for China's 2~6岁 family, tailor-made set of effective, material, interesting EQ education product package. Set independent research and development of EQ story book, Emotional business games, eq story animation DVD, parents classroom in one, online and offline combination, for young children's parents to provide professional, all-round EQ education solutions. Let the child listen to the story, play the game at the same time, happy and easy to become a master of EQ! [5] 
At the same time, Dr. Zhang Yiyun with Himalaya , Luo ji thinking and other platforms to open the online "Zhang Yiyun parent EQ class", received extensive attention and praise!
Character Life
Self-confessed greatest achievement: more and more power "do not judge people by their appearance , but take the heart
The proudest thing: no sense of direction at all, but traveling alone across more than 40 countries, crossing five continents (the number is still progressive)
The most painful thing: being mistaken for a "constellation expert"
(Oh, my God! Please raise your mouth high, psychology is a professional science, with constellations, life and other metaphysics is completely different! )
The happiest thing: Meet the Happy living home of SUPER High EQ
The most feared thing: as soon as the new friend knew that I was in psychology, I was too scared to speak again, lest I "see through"
(In fact, we psychologists will not be so boring, not to mention, we are not so strong!) )
The most worrying thing: we mistakenly take the constellation and the so-called " fun Psychological test " as an important basis for understanding others
(Don't be misled by the ignorance of the media in your direction, just think about it, if the constellation is very well-founded and can be a true learning, then why doesn't a school have a formal system of constellations? So it's time for you to understand that something that works in the media doesn't necessarily work for you and my self-knowledge. To understand the self and others, do not take the shortcut, more use of the heart to read the real psychology bar! )
Where to go most at the moment: North and South Poles (when the body is well trained to start)
Places to visit most often: Greek islets
The most wanted place to go again: Kenya , Africa
The most common sports: running, boxing, aerobics, horseback riding
Favorite drink: coffee;
The most common drink is: water (coffee has been quit, in order to make EQ better)
Favorite food: Greens, tofu (relaxed body, relaxed mood)
Most want to bless everyone's words: Master emotions, taste life!
Representative works
"Happiness is actually very simple"/ Lijiang Press (2012)
"Love is actually very simple"/ Lijiang Press (2012)
"Work is actually very simple"/ Lijiang Press (2012)
"Love, Ask Dr. Zhang"/ Lijiang Press (2010)
"Taste Happy Woman" (co-author)/Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore (2008)
"Transfiguration" (co-author)/ Hunan Science and Technology Press (2007)
"You are the workplace MVP─ detonates your emotional productivity"/Times published (Taiwan Jinshi Hall Bookstore bestseller) (2004)
"Zhang Yiyun Talk about quality Emotion" Proxy Edition group (2002)
"One more," more let the mood high up "/Times Publishing (2000)
"Dr. Zhang EQ Morning Exercise"/Crystal Book (1999)
"Very male and female very psychology"/Shideh Book edition Group (Best seller of Taiwan He Jia Ren Bookstore) (1998)
"Erotic EQ of Zhang Yiyun"/Shideh Book edition group (Best sellers of Taiwan Jinshi Hall Bookstore , He Jia Ren Bookstore) (1997)
"EQ is actually very simple"/Shideh Book edition Group (Taiwan Jinshi Hall Bookstore, He Jia Ren Bookstore bestseller) (1996)
Business Psychology/Air University (co-author) (1996)
Audio books
"EQ Omni-Directional lecture Series CD audio book"/Cool Sound Culture Business Publishing (2003)
Very male and female, very heart-talk about the gender skills of high EQ
Let the mood high up-quality emotion, quality of life
There must be a ditch ─EQ the secret of communication
Positive and optimistic, facing the challenge
Super EQ, Super Sales